Glenn Wheeler


Chef Glenn Wheeler is a true legend in the Omaha culinary scene. He has been the Executive Chef at Spencer’s since 2010 and has been the single most important piece of our success. Glenn is from Michigan City, Indiana and brings a lot of his hometown inspiration to his dishes. Growing up near the shores of Lake Michigan and a fairly quick drive to The Windy City, he has undoubtedly been influenced by some of the best food in the world. Glenn studied at Le Cordon Bleu, College of Culinary Arts in Chicago and has also learned from his travels to some of the must food-centric cities in the U.S. Upon his arrival to Omaha in 1994, he quickly began creating his masterful dishes and manned some of the best restaurants in town; including Maxine’s, opening chef at Passport, opening chef at Omaha Prime (Omaha’s first prime chophouse), the ground breaking Bomba Dia restaurant and his namesake Wheeler’s. After 10 years of working at or opening independent restaurants, Glenn decided to take on a the challenge of opening Liberty Tavern located in the Hilton Omaha where he stayed on for 5 years. After his departure from Liberty Tavern he graciously accepted his position at Spencer’s for Steaks and Chops. Since joining the Spencer’s team Chef Wheeler has cemented his reputation as the best Chef in Omaha. He is highly accomplished and has an uncountable number of accolades to prove it. In recent years he has become a true mentor to many young up and coming culinarians who are now aspiring to be some of the greats and are defining what Omaha can do in regards to incredible food. It doesn’t stop there; Glenn always has and will continue to build on his immense knowledge of food and impart wisdom for those lucky enough to accept it. It has been an honor having his passion and ability as the driving force in the Spencer’s kitchen and we are looking forward to see what he brings to the table in the future.

Derek SMith


Derek Smith has been with Spencer's For Steaks & Chops since the very beginning. For more than 9 years he has been hand-crafting some of Omaha's most flavorful desserts, all from scratch. The passion and expertise that he brings to our team is invaluable when it comes to providing the best guest dining experience in Omaha.

Dallas Brunner


Dallas Brunner joined the Spencer’s team in March 2018 as Chef de Cuisine and brings an immense passion for culinary excellence. In following his passion, Dallas has worked under some of the most reputable chefs in Omaha including; Paul Kulik, Kyle Anderson and Spencer’s former Executive Chef Clayton Chapman. Dallas always strives to balance traditional cooking methods with gastronomic innovation. In all of his dishes you will find a showcase of fresh ingredients that are natural, local and in season. We are most certainly excited to see what tasty creations Dallas has in store for our guests.